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Installing the Fantom Netbeans IDE

You can either install as a plugin to an existing Netbeans installation, or standalone.

Standalone Install

Make sure you have Java 6 or newer installed to be able to run the IDE.
  • For Linux/Unix/Windows, download:
Get from

  • For OSX:
Get from

Extract at a location of your choice, and then run bin/fantomide (bin/fantomide.exe on windows).

Once the IDE is up go to tools/options/miscellaneous/fantom options and set the path to your fantom install (fantom home).

You can now open existing projects (folders with a in them) and add fan files & edit/run them.

See the demo to get started.

Report issues on the help page.

Install as a plugin to an existing Netbeans Installation

You need at least Netbeans 6.8 (7.x recommanded)
  • Open Netbeans
  • Go to tools / plugins
  • Go to settings tab (List of update centers), click "Add"
  • Add -> Name: Fantom

Url for nb 7.2 - RECOMMENDED:

Url for nb 7.1 (last update: 6/23/2012):

Url for nb 7.0 (last update: 12/17/2010):

Url for nb 6.9 (last update: 12/17/2010):

Url for nb 6.8 (last update: 6/7/2010):

  • Press OK to save it
  • Go to "Available plugins" Tab (sort by Name)
  • Select the checkbox next to "Fantom"
  • Click "Install"
  • Follow the wizard (Next/Install), ignore the "Not trusted" warning (Continue)
  • Click Finish and close the plugins panel.
  • Restart Netbeans

Fantom support is now installed!

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