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Fantom IDE Help /FAQ


  • It won't accept my fan_home folder
Make sure fantom/bin/fan is executable (even for windows until I fix it)
On Unix make sure you ran:
# wherever you installed fantom
cd /home/me/fantom/ 
sh ./adm/unixsetup

  • The Debugger appears buggy
Sometime when setting a breakpoint it will say something like:
WARNING: Unable to submit line breakpoint to fan.Debug.Main$doStuff$0 at line 29, 
reason: No executable location available at line 25 in class fan.Debug.Main$doStuff$0.

But the breakpoint will work anyway.
This is a known bug in NB6.7 (should be fixed in 6.8)
  • Can I open existing fantom sources.
A fantom project is recognized as a folder with a in it (simplistic).
So as long as you have a directory with a in it, it will be recognized as a fantom project and can be opened.
  • I'm not used to Netbeans shortcuts / keybindings
In Netbeans you can go under Tools / Options / Keymap and choose Netbeans, IntelliJ, Emacs or Eclipse keybindings.
You can also customize them to your own likings.

Asking for help

For bug report / Feature request please use:

For other questions you can contact me at:

Please send a detailed description and the log file:

Linux.OSX: [user home]/.fantomide/dev/fantom/log/jot.log
Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\[youruser]\Application Data\.fantomide\dev\fantom\log\jot.log

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