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Fantom Netbeans IDE Changelog

Only the major changes are listed here, for more details see:


  • Use Netbeans 7.2.1
  • Fixes for when using tales
  • Basic support for Axon highlighting
  • Fixes to the new file menus
  • many other bug fixes


  • Uses Netbeans 7.1 as the base
  • Upgraded all support libraries (parboiled, h2, tales, fantom 1.0.63)
  • Faster optimized parser
  • Faster indexing
  • NO more"runaway" parser using all the CPU.
  • Many other bug fixes


  • Updated to Netbeans 7.0 Final
  • Fixed issues in Java FFI type resolution
  • Test target does a build first
  • Removed separate tales action (had bugs) ... now tales support is enabled by a checkbox in project properties
  • New project level settings: JVM args, Program args and tales Support
  • New "Indexer" tab in project options : can manually flush and update index
  • You can now configure which java packages to be excluded from indexing (for faster indexing)


  • Updated to NB 7.0 RC1
  • Removed some old dependencies
  • Using Java 6.0 GroupLayout instead of deprecated code.

1.7.3 (2/22/11)

  • Fixed some debugger issues
  • Templates for creating new items on right click in navigator (new Fantom file, test, folder, HTML, jS etc...)
  • Parsing fixes when circular dependencies(would cause scanning forever / stack overflow)
  • Fixed Java FFI completion proposals
  • Implemented "Find in projects" and other file finding features
  • Menu entry for copying path of any file in navigator to the clipboard
  • Other bug fixes.

1.7.1 (2/3/11)

  • Fixed HUGE bug in indexing(pod name resolution), that caused lots of issues in 1.7.0 (1.7.0 was very broken).
  • Indexer now shows progress during indexing (pod, jars, sources being indexed).
  • Indexer versioning to force full re-indexing after chnages (like this bug fix)
  • Fixed indentation and added a new "formatting" tab to Fantom options (default: 2 spaces)
  • Fixed to facet parsing and allowing "empty" facets
  • Fixed a NPE in certain scenarios during type resolution
  • Updated indexing operator to use getRange rather than slice (obsolete)
  • Fixed errors in parsing of "using" statements

1.7.0 (1/26/11)

IDE enhancement:
  • Enhanced syntax highlighting, now can be configured under "Fonts & Colors/Syntax/Language"
  • New Fantom option panel (standalone, not in miscellanneous anymore)
  • Upon first start, automatically opens Fantom option panel
  • Fixes to indexer (Means it will have to reindex everything after you upgrade)
  • New Indexer progress indicator, so you know when it's done.
  • Updated to Fantom 1.0.57
  • Several other bug fixes.

Tales framework support enhancements:
  • Tales 0.2 support (requires Fantom 1.0.57+)
  • Better support for embedded DSL's
  • Proper Highlighting/colors for embedded JavaScript and SQL - See screenshot
  • Browser opens automatically ( Upon starting a Tales app.

1.6.7 (1/19/11)

  • Released plugin for Netbeans 7.0
  • Standalone version built on top of Netbeans 7.0 beta
  • Bug fixes

1.6.6 (12/17/10)

  • Enhanced completion (propose/fill-in method parameters / closures)
  • Fix Bug whereas new created file didn't always show up right away (issue 14)
  • Fixed Formatter / Indentation issues
  • Hint/Fixes providers for:

Unresolved type -> solutions given:
      add using for that item
      add using for the item whole pod
      create a new type with that name (class/mixin/enum)

Unresolved variable -> solutions given
      create a new field
      create a local method

This works both on the local type as well as other types.
For field/methods creation, a "dialog" is provided to customize the creation:
The Field/Method name is pre-filled
The Field type is "guessed" and pre-filled if possible
The method return type and parameter types/names are guessed / pre-filled as well
You can customize modifiers in the dialog as well.
Goes straight to the added field/method (open file in IDE and put cursor in right place)

  • Updated Tales framework support (new repo)
Set Tales home folder in the Fantom option panel.

Requires latest tales (0.1.3), If you had previously copied tales.pod into the fantom lib folder, remove it.

1.6.5 (12/3/10)

  • Go to declaration
You can now use the "go to declaration" IDE feature, to go to a variable/type declaration(local or not) in Fantom code.
Create a tales project wizard, Run a tales project ("Hot" reload development mode) directly in the IDE
  • Completion enhancements
Also allowing completion after ?., -> and ?-> and Fixed a few other bugs

  • Fixed indexing bug that could sometimes cause crash during initial indexing
  • Fixed debugger issue which sometimes broke java projects debugging
  • Fixed standalone IDE Memory problems (Netbeans permspace issues)
  • Updated Fantom sys.jar to 1.0.56.

1.6.4 (08/24/10)

  • Fantom 1.0.54
  • Netbeans stack 6.9.1
  • Wizard/template to create Fantom unit tests
  • Allowing to run Single unit test
  • Replaced deprecated CSL jar to fix broken indentation and other features in NB 6.9.1

1.6.3 (06/07/10)

  • Fixed serious memory leak in certain scenarios of AST constructions (OOM)
  • Based on 6.9 RC2 stack (plugin still avail for 6.8)
  • Leaner/ faster & simpler AST construction.
  • Various bug fixes

1.6.2 (05/13/2010)

  • Based on Netbeans 6.9 stack (plugin still avail for 6.8)
  • Updated for Fantom 1.0.53

1.6.1 (04/28/10)

  • Fixed actions (run/debug etc..) so they work better (and improved 'ReRun' support)
  • Several fixes for windows (paths)
  • Debugger fixes
  • Improved run action so it runs on the right project
  • Fixed multiple exceptions in some partial input scenarios
  • Upgraded to parboiled and updated grammar
  • Fixed issues with java types & 'this'
  • Removed various java warnings and deprecated API uses

1.6.0 (04/19/10)

  • Major rewrite.
  • Now uses Parboiled instead of ANTLR
  • All types are now resolved, which leads to much enhanced completion.
  • Updated for latest Fantom (1.0.52)

1.5.0 beta (01/12/10)

The main new feature of this version is Completion

If you previously installed as a NB plugin: There is only one all-in-one nbm now (net-colar-netbeans-fan.nbm), you should manually remove the old nbm's to avoid conflicts (net-jot.nbm, org-antlr.nbm, fan.nbm).

The first time you run the new version it will index Fantom and Java which will hog your CPU for ~6mn, please let that complete.

The main user feature of this release is *code completion*.
This is quite a monster and contains many large changes to the code, and my unit-test are lacking at the moment, so it's considered beta at the moment, nevertheless it's pretty useful.

Completion is requested using "CTRL-Space" (default), for example

Please le me know of any issues/wishes so I can fix them.

What's new (user perspective):
  • Upgraded fro Netbeans 6.8
  • Upgraded for Fantom 1.0.48
  • Code completion, including the following
  • Unknown/unresolved types reporting
  • Completion of Fantom/Java FFI using statements including FanDoc popup
  • Completion of any variables & slots with Fandoc popup, including it, this, loop variables and exception variables.
  • Resolving most inferrred types expressions properly (except ranges, let me know if you see some that don't work properly.)

What's new behind the scenes:
  • nbm plugin all in one isntead of separate nbm for sependant libraries
  • indexer using h2 database
  • scoping / type resolving

1.4.3 (11/17/09)

  • Renamed to FantomIDE
  • Updated for Fantom 1.0.47
  • Fix multiple small semnatic / grammar / parsing bugs

1.4.2 (10/1/09)

  • Updated for Fan 1.0.46
  • Debugger support for local variable with fan 1.0.46
  • Source file formatter (Re-format the source code properly on demand - Indentation)
  • '/*' does not autocomplete with '*/' anymore as this is used only to comment out code in Fan.
  • Completion proposals for Pods/Types
  • HTML Fandoc windows shows for Pod/Types proposals.

1.4.0 (8/31/09)

  • Fixed Bug when creating a new project where Main class not picked up right away
  • Fixed Bug in License Path

Fan Debugger (port customizable in fan options)
  • You can set Line breakpoints
  • (Can debug/step through Fan sources, Fan distro sources, Jdk sources)
  • Note: Fan local variables do not show details yet (Fan Open ticket #679)

  • Renamed from fansuite to fanide
  • Added proper version number to standalone IDE.
  • Created Splash screen / logo / icons.
  • Now using the indexer/classpath Netbeans system.
  • Enable support for Java, Javascript and Java debugging, all useful for Fan projects.
  • Download is now 65MB, but comes with many more features.

  • Now runs internally without using fan launcher scripts
  • You can customize fan exec options (say -Xmx256m) in Fan settings

1.3.3 (8/19/09)

  • Now runnable on Java 1.5
  • Grammar bug fix: Support for Symbol literals.
  • Grammar fix: Bug when using "pod" as part of a variable name
  • Fixed / Enhance Parser/lexer tests and run against fan sources.
  • Set the license (Artistic 2.0)

1.3.2 (8/14/09)

  • Test OSX build (Fix packaging issue).
  • OSX: the netbeans generated app does not quite work (bad script / permissions)
  • OSX/windows: The "fan options" panel does not work properly (java 1.6)

1.3.0 (8/14/09)

  • Highlight variables in interpolated stringss $var $ {var}
  • Fix a few editor/parser exceptions.
  • Change grammar to Allow $ in "using" imports (for java FFI inner classes)
  • Allow "run single" action only on runnable class main / scripts &
  • Have "build", "run", "build & run", "test", "clean" etc... actions on the Pod/project itself, then hook up the NB "Run Main Project" button (build & run).
  • Create Main class with main() in it when creating pod (optional, default) as it's easier for beginners.
  • Add a "Main method" configurable field on pod props (defaults to podname:Main.main)
  • Update the demo according to those new changes
  • Research/Fix bug where new files don't show for a while (1 mn+) in files/projects ... only on some computers!
  • Research/Fix bug where navigator collapses after clicking an item in it.
  • Make default build target configurable (default: compile) in pod props


Updated for fan 0.1.45
- new pod grammar
- field access '*' instead of '@'
- Fixed pod creation templates ( &


See new screeshot.
  • Step1 of semantic analysis: Color highlighting of classes, fields, methods and so on.
  • Support for automated closing items insertion: If you type ( it puts () and put the caret in the middle.
  • Fixed License import in Fan templates
  • Automated indentation: When pressing return, it starts at the proper indentation on the next line
  • Brace matching: Highlights the matching closing/opening brace/parenthesis...

Update 7/31/09

Added screencast
Released standalone builds for Linux, Windows, mac
Fixed Project/Fan creation wizard.
Fixed Lexer issue with incomplete methods.

Update 7/28/09

Project can be browsed
Fan scripts can be run
Fan console can be used
Packaged as Standalone IDE

Update 7/17/09

Currently working on Fan project(&pod) creation wizards.

Update 7/13/09

Implemented code folding for doc/comments, classes, enums, mixins, methods,constructors.

Update 7/10/09

Greatly improved error handling(Parser, Lexer)
Worked some more on the AST, and now have the IDE navigator window (which lists class/methods etc...) to work.
Next will be code folding, which should be easy since i have the AST already.

Update 7/7/09

I now have the Parser hooked up, and it does error reporting.
However the errors at this point are mostly coming straight from ANTLR so they can be a bit cryptic.

Update 06/30/09

I'm still far from done, but i now have the ANTLR grammar done, as well as the lexer integrated with Netbeans, this basically provides Syntax Highlighting.

I also added error recovery to the lexer so that things like an unclosed String can be handled.

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