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Fantom IDE - FantomIDE

I still maintain this IDE once in a while, but I'm not using it much anymore.
I now use the pure Fantom IDE, called Camembert I've been developing recently.

Netbeans based Standalone IDE / Plugin for the Fantom Language

This can be installed as a plugin to an existing Netbeans installation or as a standalone IDE for the Fantom language (based on Netbeans)

It contains out of the box support for Fantom as well as Java, Javascript, CSS, HTML, XML, Subversion, Mercurial.


Highlighting, Completion(types, methods, implicit it block vars) with inline Fandoc, Navigation(Go to declaration), Debugging(Fantom Java mixed), Navigator(Methods/fields pane), Formatting, Build/Run actions, Tales support, support for embedded languages(Javascript, HTML etc...), Hints(create method, add import etc..), Indexing(fast search), Semantic/error detection and highlighting, New file templates(class, mixin etc..).

On top of that you benefit from all the great built-in Netbeans features such as git/mercurial support, extra plugins availability and so on.

Also any other features you need, say hudson support are just a few clicks away under tools/plugins.

Screen shot

You can also check a demo "screencast("movie") in the demo section.



I have written the Grammar/Lexer/Parser using the ANTLR tool (together with the great ANTLRWorks debugger).
Update: Replaced ANTLR with parboiled (Mrach 2010)

On the Netbeans Side i'm using the brand new (NB 6.7) CSL API (Language support).

Learning ANTLR has been a challenge as well as the new CSL API, which is not yet much documented.

However Caoyuan's Blog and help has been immensely useful (Thank you !)

Many thanks to Geertjan Wielenga as well, for all the useful tutorials / blog entries he made available.

And all the authors of the other NB plugins I've been looking at.

Used Libraries

The following opensource libraries are bundled:
  • ANTLR-runtime : Used to parse source files (grammar)
  • Parboiled: Used to parse source files (grammar)
  • JavaOnTracks: My own java frameworks. I use some templating and database features.
- H2: I use this database for Indexing source code (completion etc...)

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